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How to Slay the Five Dragons of Content Writing

The following blog about content writing is written by guest blogger, SEO master, content queen, and colleague Jenn Read of Solyndria Creative. The audience for it is marketers like me and the people we hire who write content for a living, but many of the lessons it contains can also be relevant to business owners trying to handle their own content. You can find the blog in its original form in the link above. My commentary on how it applie to you, a business owner or manager, is in blue. Enjoy!

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So you’re armored up and ready to be a content writer? Well, you’re in luck! The field is booming, and there are more opportunities than ever before. But with so many people searching every dungeon for the same treasure, it can be tough to find the right dungeon for the perfect knight in shining ink.

I’m the knight that will share the top reasons why it’s so tough to get a job as a content writer today. But don’t worry; I’ll also give you some swords of wisdom on how to slay the dragon and land your dream job.

A flying dragon looming over a nigh representing the challenges of content writing.

Table of Contents

  • The Dragon of Content Writer Abundance
  • The Dragon of High Expectations
  • The Dragon of Unrealistic Deadlines
  • The Dragon of Lack of Feedback
  • The Dragon of Low Pay
  • Conclusion

The Five Dragons of Content Writing

  1. The Dragon of Content Writer Abundance

There are simply more content writers out there than there are jobs. This means you’ll need something special – that right bit of magic – to offer to get noticed.

Have you thought about specializing in a particular niche? This could be anything from writing about technology to fashion or kilts to landscaping. By specializing, you’ll be able to position yourself as an expert knight in that kingdom and make yourself more valuable to potential employers.

Another way to create an aura of the unique is to develop your own brand of writing style. This could mean using humor, storytelling, or even poetry to engage your readers. The more diversified and personally tailored your writing style, the more likely you will capture people’s attention.

For business owners, this is the least relevant dragon. But it’s important to note that you too need your own style to stand out! You should also note that anyone can call themselves a writer so the abundance out there means that you must be careful to vet who your hire! Look for reviews and third party assessement like the Better Business Bureau or

  1. The Dragon of High Expectations

Employers have high expectations for content writers these days. They want writers who can produce high-quality content on a tight deadline – and give as little guidance as possible to go on.

To meet these expectations, you’ll need to be able to write quickly and efficiently. You’ll also need to be able to research your topics thoroughly and write in a clear and concise style, fully establishing yourself as a knower of all things.

If you can do all these quests, you’ll be well on your way to slaying the dragon of high expectations.

High expecations are fine. You should have them! But for a mutually beneficial relationship with your writer or marketer, let them know what those expectations are!

  1. The Dragon of Unrealistic Deadlines

It’s not uncommon for employers to ask content writers to produce unique and well-branded content on a very tight deadline – maybe even a seemingly impossible one.

This can be a major trap to work through, especially if you’re not used to working under pressure. So, what fighting techniques can manage the fantasies of unrealistic deadlines?

It’s important to set realistic expectations with your employer. Work on a compromise to get them the quality content they need within a reasonable deadline. The higher the quality they see you output, the more likely they will be flexible with deadlines.

For the sake of organization, ensure you have a well-oiled system in place for tracking your progress and staying on schedule. Luckily, there are plenty of free tools of the trade out there that can help you with this. Try something like Airtable or Teamwork!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you’re struggling to meet a deadline, be honest and upfront with your team, so they can strategize alongside you in coming up with the perfect solution.

Ideally, if you hire a marketer, your expectations are stated early and always met. Otherwise, consider redefining the relationship. If you’re doing your own content, remember my 2QC marketing formula of quality, quantity and consitency and create a schedule that allows you to meet all three!

  1. The Dragon of Lack of Feedback

Content writers can go months or even years without getting any feedback on their work – which can be their own monster. Without feedback, knowing if you are growing into your craft is difficult.

A lack of constructive feedback is frustrating and demoralizing, especially if you’re not sure you’re meeting goals and metrics. However, it’s important to remember that feedback is essential for growth in this field.

If you’re not getting feedback from your employer, you can do a few things to get it.

Ask for it! Let your employer know you’re interested in getting feedback on your work. In truth, they will likely be grateful you asked, as that’s a rare quality in a valuable employee.

Seek out feedback from other content writers – our peers are our harshest, fairest, and most valuable critics. In addition, in the Internet Kingdom, there are many online gateways, forums, and communities where you can peruse to get eyes on your work.

Read industry publications and blogs. Let’s face it: the best writers read more than they write. This is a fantastic way to research the latest trends in content writing and reassure you that you’re journey is the right one.

As a business owner who hires a marketer, remember to provide feedback! Even the best writers aren’t mindreaders!

  1. The Dragon of Low Pay

Here we face an unfortunate truth: Content writing is a relatively low-paying field. This is especially true for entry-level positions. Frustrations abound here because we all know the heart and soul that gets poured into every piece.

If you’re not willing to work for low pay, you may have difficulty finding a job as a content writer. However, the best thing you can do to grow your earning potential is to Get Experience.

That’s right. Get out there and write. Guest blogs, freelance social media campaigns – whatever builds your brand and portfolio builds your value and creates the armor that will get you the cha-ching.

Remember when you hire small and local companies you are contributing to the local econonmy and helping writers and marketers make a living. You’ll also often get better quality and more personalized content!


So there you have it: the five dragons of content writing. If you can slay these dragons, you’ll be well on your quest for a successful career as a content writer.

Thanks to Jenn Read for her contribution! See more of her content at Solyndria Creative!

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