The 2QC Marketing Formula

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What is POP’s 2QC Marketing Formula?

When I first starting writing for people, I asked my friends and customers about their experiences with other marketing companies. I wanted to know what they had liked and what they hadn’t. I was trying to create a winning and effective marketing formula.

Clients consistently faced two varieties of problems when dealing with other marketers – Quality and Consistency. People didn’t like the type of social media that their marketers created and they didn’t feel like they could count on the marketers they were working with. So hearing that, I set out to write these marketing wrongs. And that was what I built my marketing formula on. 

Disclaimer: Now, I want to point out here that there are plenty of companies that do a good job and do what they say they are going to do. I have marketing friends and friendly competitors about whom I have nice things to say. That’s not the point. The point is to discuss the common problems I was surprised to hear about. Now that that’s out of the way…

Quality Writing – The First Ingredient in the Marketing Formula

One business owner told me was that some of the posts her marketing company shared were of the “Check out this link…” variety. Now, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a resource with your customers and audience. The problem was the links were being shared without giving context about why it was useful to the reader. That’s one example of a quality issue. 

Here’s another:

I frequently run into reuse of material. I understand that good material is not always easy to create. But if you are reusing the same pictures over and over and you’re not even adding some clever verbiage you are going to lose the interest of the audience quickly. In addition, if you copy something exactly, you lose search steam with all the social media companies.

Finally, the most frequent quality problem I find in social media posts is when all posts are basically advertisements.

We have a conflict here. No one wants to be sold to. Companies are on social media for the sole reason of selling. The paradox is if you use your social media accounts to sell too explicitly, you will not get buyers and you will lose your audience. 

The Social Media Marketing Paradox…

If you want to sell, you need to stop selling!

Strange? Yes. But if you give your audience good quality material, they are more likely to keep up with your social media pages. And then you can throw in salesy stuff occasionally. 

Good marketers know how to strike the balance and create high-quality material that will keep your audience loyal

Consistent Social Media Posts

The other complaint about marketers that I hear is that they don’t do what they agreed to do.

I was frankly shocked to hear this one. (And again, I have to say there are plenty of dependable marketers out there). I think this issue is mostly being caused by people who are dabbling in marketing who get in over their heads. 

These marketers’ lack of dependability shines a light on a problem that many businesses face when marketing for themselves too – inconsistency.

Obviously, you should always do what you tell your clients you will do. But in addition to that, social media runs off of algorithms. One particularly important factor in the algorithm is consistency. That’s why it’s also an important factor in POP’s Marketing Formula. 

If you only post every once in a while, your posts are not ranked as highly as someone who posts 3 or 4 times a week every week. 4 posts in one day likewise are not as useful to your company as those some three posts coming out dependably once a week over the course of a month.  So consistency is key.

I had a potential client ask me to write a post that would get him a lot of business. I had to explain to him that social media doesn’t work that way. It’s all about creating material over time that shows your readers that you are valuable, dependable, and eventually…worthy to buy from. It’s planting a garden. 

Quantity – A Dangerous Ingredient

I actually hesitated to talk about quantity to my clients because without context it can give the wrong idea.

The number one reason to hire a marketer is quality. Consistency is what helps your company be seen. But quantity, when paired with the other two factors, seals the deal.

The world moves fast. Social media moves faster. It’s easy to miss something. So if you want to keep people engaged, your marketer should take care to post in the right places at the right times frequently.

Quantity is not useful if that’s all you have. Your posts need to be engaging, informative, entertaining, or useful too. Keeping up the quality when you have a high quantity can be difficult when you’re also trying to run your own business. That’s where a marketer comes in handy. 


In summary, POP’s 2QC marketing formula is simple.

Write high-quality material often and consistently post it when we say we will. 

2QC seems obvious.  But so is “truth, justice and the American way” or “with great power comes great responsibility.” And just because it’s obvious, doesn’t mean that anyone can do it well.

2QC is POP’s superpower. And we use it to showcase yours. Want your story told? 

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