Our Super Power is Telling Your Story

Business citizen, don’t stress on your marketing! Focus on what you do and leave the writing to me! 

We make marketing easy for you. 

We’re Roanoke’s Friendly Neighborhood Marketing Agency. 

Our Superpower


We help you find your brand. Then together we use the POP marketing formula to promote it. What’s our formula? It’s simple.

2QC – Quality, Quantity and Consistency.


You don't just want content. You want the right content that reflects your company's value and values.


Less isn't always more. When you're trying to keep people interested, you need material. Quantity is about having the right amount for your business.


Nothing thrives in chaos. Social media and search engines are no different. SEO rewards content it can count on.


What My Clients Say

Anthony, at POP, is an excellent communicator and has helped me grow my company while maintaining my voice through social media posts. He is both a coach and a colleague and I recommend his services to entrepreneurs and weathered business-people alike. On top of his obvious qualities and knowledge he is a down to Earth, local guy who is easy to get along with!
Andreas Panagore
CEO & Founder EcoScape
Mr. Georgetti was an excellent choice. He handled everything for us and completed all tasks in a timely fashion. His software and hardware knowledge was , I think, understated. I would highly recommend him to others.
Gig Edwards
Owner at Gig Edwards Studio
Updating my website felt daunting and Anthony made it a breeze...He took the time to understand my vision and make it a reality... Overall, I would highly recommend Anthony at Power-Up Online Promotions to anyone looking for a great website at a great price.
Let's see if we're a good fit!
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