What Do I Mean By Your Ideal Customer?

Regular readers of this blog, watchers of our social media, and anyone who’s ever had a conversation with me in which my business came up know that I put a lot of focus on finding your ideal customer. But what do I mean by that? Don’t you just want anyone who’ll have you? 

For most businesses, the answer to that question is a definite no. 

You may say, hey, all money is green, right? But while that’s true, wouldn’t you prefer clients who pay that money as soon as it’s due? That’s just one quick example of why not every client is your ideal client. 

Now let me tell you more. 

What Makes An Ideal Customer?

The answer to “What makes an ideal customer?” will vary from business to business, but here are the commonalities you’ll likely find they all share.

Your Ideal Customer:

  • Values what you bring to the table
  • Is ecstatic to find you because you are the solution to their problem
  • Has the budget to pay your price
  • Is respectful of your time and employees
  • Is on a timeline that matches your abilities

All pretty basic, right? As it turns out, most qualities that companies list in an ideal customer all fit into those traits in one way or another, whether you’re Apple or a local babysitter. 

How Do You Market to an Ideal Customer?

So if you know who you want to do business with, how do you get them to do business with you. How do you market to them? 

Say Who You Are!

90s kids and anyone who’s grown up with Disney Classics will remember the Genie in Aladdin encouraging Aladdin to come clean to Jasmine about who he was by turning into a bee and buzzing “Bee yourself.” Robin Williams’s delivery sticks in my head, even though it’s been at least two decades since I saw the movie. 

But while few would argue that Genie was one of the great cartoon voice roles, the line lives in my head rent-free for another reason, too – it’s a piece of advice that I give often. 

It’s not because I spent a lot of time advising adolescents or because I run a matchmaking service on the side. It’s because it’s also one of my most essential pieces of marketing advice. 

At its best, marketing isn’t about deception. It’s about telling the truth loudly and proudly enough that the people who want to hear it will and then buy from you!

The best way to market to your ideal customers is to say who you are. Then, the people who appreciate it will flock to you. If you’re not the cheapest in town, don’t market to bargain shoppers. If you have a great product that takes a while to create, don’t market it to people who were looking for it yesterday. 

It seems too simple, but one of the best ways to market to your ideal customers is to say who you are. My next piece of advice isn’t any more complex.

Say Who Your Ideal Customer Is!

Say what you’re looking for in a customer! You don’t have to take everyone who’s willing to give you money or call your number! So take a little time to express what you look for in a customer, in the kindest way possible, of course. 

Also, use your social media profiles to feature some of your happy customers. That gives a good flavor of who both you (and they) are. 

Who’s POP’s Ideal Customer?

So, with all that said, why don’t I follow my advice and tell you POP’s ideal customer? Don’t mind if I do!

The ideal POP customer understands the value of marketing. There’s no sense in spending time arguing that what I do matters!

My best customers also care about their image and are particular about how I market for them. My forte is capturing clients’ tones. They also care about quality. I want clients who don’t just want the cheapest solution possible. They want good quality writing. 

My best clients want someone to take over their marketing for them. It’s harder to help someone who is swimming in a different direction. So it’s always best if POP can do it all for you or if you’ll at least follow our advice on what you’re doing on your own. 

Finally, our ideal customers have the money to pay and are kind and respectful. Before taking them on, I will typically check a client’s social media profiles. If they are gleeful about insulting others, then we won’t be a good fit. Kindness matters. 

Who’s Your Ideal Client?

While the general concepts that go into an ideal client can work for many different types of business, what your business does and how it does it will affect what makes a customer ideal for you. Need help figuring out who your ideal client is? That’s all in day’s work for your friendly neighborhood marketing agency. 

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