Time to Make your 2024 Small Business Marketing Resolution

Need a Good 2024 Business Marketing Resolution?

Mmm, fresh new year! We love the opportunity for a fresh start. Sometimes, it’s precisely the motivation we need to make a change. So, with that in mind, here are some of my suggestions for 2024. I’m sure you’ll find a small business marketing resolution for you!

Business Marketing Resolution #1: Build That Website

Did you start a business in 2023 (or before)? Have you been relying on word of mouth and ramping up a little at a time? Have you not been ready to put yourself fully out there as a business yet?

Firstly, it’s very understandable. So many business owners (including this one) have imposter syndrome when they begin a business. They may even worry about failure and think holding off on a website will make it less public.

Not only do I get it. I did it.

Even though I run a marketing business, it was a year before I was willing to have a public website!

But staying offline to avoid failure can bring it about! It takes at least two months to start ranking for your services on Google and other search engines. (And two months would be rapid.) Don’t wait until you need the business to start seeking it!

If you’re worried about growing too fast, remember you don’t have to accept every customer that comes your way, and if things move more quickly than you planned, all the better!

Or…Upgrade That Website

If you’re an established business, that doesn’t mean your website work is in the rearview. For anyone who knows about SEO, that’s no surprise. Search engines like websites that add new material. (That’s one reason blogging is so popular!) So blogging may be a good business marketing resolution too!

But SEO is just one of several reasons to upgrade your website.

Still, Reflect You?

The one constant in life and business is change. And as your business evolves, so should your website. Have you shifted your focus?

You may have learned after being in business for a while that there are certain aspects of your business you like more than others. Let your website focus on that!

You may also have information on there that is no longer relevant. The new year is a great time to update your About Us, staff, and service pages to reflect changes you’ve made.

Any Errors?

Changing information that is no longer true is one thing, but what about items that were never correct to begin with? Sometimes, we make mistakes, especially if you threw your website together without the help of a professional marketer.

Typos can be a significant turnoff to potential customers! It makes them feel like you may not be careful. Even worse are incorrect hours. Take some time to correct any typos, broken links, and more. Or get POP to do a website audit!

Is it Optimized?

Finally, search engine best practices change over time. Even if you set your website up for Search Engine Optimization, it doesn’t mean that it’s still at its best.

The most important aspect of an optimized website is helpful, accurate information that’s easy to navigate. But items like site speed, links, and more also affect your SEO score.

Make a Consistency Commitment!

Longtime readers of the POP blog know that I run everything through the 2QC formula – Quality, Quantity, and Consistency. But if I had to pick just one, it’d be the C.

The best way to improve your marketing on your own is to make a habit of it and be consistent! Posting once every two weeks for a year is better than posting every day for a month. Figure out what you can handle, and commit to it.

Need ideas on what to post? Follow POP on Facebook!

Figure Out Your Ideal Customer

If you’ve got all your basics in order, one of the best 2024 small business marketing resolutions I can recommend is figuring out your ideal customer. We’ve all had customers we’ve loved and wish we could clone. We also have…others.

Wouldn’t you like to attract more customers like your best ones? Figure out what you did to attract customers like that and create marketing material that brings more in!

Remember to share your values and values!

And My Best 2024 Small Business Marketing Resolution?

Most of the suggestions I’ve made so far have been for people doing their own marketing, but if I had one suggestion for a 2024 small business marketing resolution, it would be this:

Hire a Pro!

This may seem self-serving (and it is), but it’s also true. You’re good at what you do, and like I always say, we live in a specialized society. So don’t try to do it all.

There are professionals like me who have dedicated their time to learning the ins and outs of marketing and have mastered the craft of writing. It’s not your job to do the same, so why reinvent the wheel?

Not only does it require a specialized skillset and a lot of inside knowledge, but it also takes a lot of time! Even if you have the ability to do fantastic writing, if that’s not the focus of your business, why take the focus away from the things you went into business for?

Happy New Year!

We at POP hope 2024 is the best year yet for you and your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with your blogging, web presence, SEO, social media, or other writing and marketing needs!

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